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Tenant Fees/Cost Information

All prospective Tenants should be aware that if they enter into any Tenancy of a property through Halletts they will incur costs as detailed below.

Halletts Tenant Administration Fees   - These apply to every Tenancy and are charged at £180 including VAT for an application by a single Tenant and £240 including VAT for an application by two Tenants in respect of all properties where the rental payable does not exceed £2000 per calendar month. £300 including VAT will be charged for all Tenancies where the rental value of the property exceeds £2000 per calendar month or when an application is made by three or more Tenants regardless of the rental payable.

Administration charges are a one off fee payable in cleared funds prior to the commencement of any Tenancy and no further charges made to the tenant upon any Tenancy renewal.

Tenancy documentation  - Included in Administration Fee

Referencing  - Included in Administration Fee

Inventory Check Out Fee  - In most cases Tenants will have an obligation to pay for the cost of Inventory Check Out Fee upon the termination of the Tenancy likely to be in the region of £85-200 but will vary depending on the size of the property concerned and whether it is furnished or unfurnished. Inventory charges may be subject to change.

End of Tenancy Cleaning  - The Tenancy Agreement will contain an obligation for Tenants to arrange and pay for the cost of the property and any contents, fixtures and fittings therein to be fully and professionally deep cleaned upon the termination of the contract – similar cleaning will be carried out just prior to the commencement of your Tenancy.

The likely cost is difficult to assess and will depend on the condition the property has been left in, size, carpeting and furnishings etc. but a rough guide would be: 1 bed property £150-250  2 bed property £200-300 3 bed property £300-350 4+ bed property £400+

The above is intended to give clear and transparent information regarding costs and fees that you will incur but if you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact Halletts on 0208 940 1034 or

"It’s easy to be seduced by the gloss and patter of large Estate Agents but actually, what most of us are hoping to find is a local, knowledgeable, friendly and efficient team. We'd been though the mill searching in Kew until we found Giles and Halletts. He understood our very specific requirements and offered measured and insightful advice. There was no time wasting or efforts to shoehorn us into the wrong thing. The perfect flat was found and purchased with the least amount of drama and fuss. Such a breath of fresh air. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Giles and Halletts. Good Estate Agents are a very rare breed but utterly invaluable when found. Although he's not done with us yet, we've asked him to look after the rental too."
Ms. L. Fennimore